Book Review – The Mist Monster

The Mist Monster by Kirsti Beautyman

A little girl called Penny has just moved house and after running after the dog who has ran off with her mother’s hat, she bumps into a mist monster she calls Morris. Morris of course is a friendly monster and they head off in search of the dog.

It’s a nice friendship story and it comes to a satisfying conclusion. I did wonder at one point if it would end up like the Snowman! Thankfully there are no handkerchiefs needed here.

The illustrations really caught my eye and are wonderful. The mist monster is cleverly depicted (especially when he eats a berry and you can see it in his tummy) and it’s all skilfully styled. This book has also been printed nicely with gold foil and matt textured paper which I always like!

This is a debut book I believe, so well done to the author. It’s a lovely book for kids and especially good if you have just moved house.

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