Book review – The Mega Magic Teacher Swap

The Mega Magic Teacher Swap by Rochelle Humes and Rachel Suzanne

Two school girls are about to move up a year into a different class with a new teacher, but Mai and Rose don’t want a new teacher and want things to stay as they are forever. 

This resonated with me as I have 2 daughters who of course enjoy new experiences, but at the same time don’t want things to change. Children hang on to their world much more so than adults.

So this story is about change and how that is a good thing. There a bit of hocus pocus thrown in courtesy of a magic talking coconut and of course it all ends well.

As a story this one has a very overt message to teach and perhaps less of a bedtime read. However the fun illustrations and silly magic coconut do dress it up a bit and it’s certainly worth considering if you have a school age child who is anxious about losing their favourite teacher.

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