Book review – Mrs Noah’s Pockets

Mrs Noah’s Pockets by Jackie Morris and James Mayhew

This is a really interesting concept and a lovely book. We all know the story of Noah’s ark, but what about Mrs Noah? Not only that but what about all the animals that never got saved such as the unicorns, griffins, dragons and all the other creatures that have become told in myths and fairy tales? 

Thankfully this story can confirm that they all did exist…Phew! While Noah but busy building his ark for the ‘less troublesome’ creatures, Mrs Noah set about making a coat with very big pockets to hide things in.

The text is easy to read and rather poetic in places as Mrs Noah’s grand plan is cleverly and carefully teased out against the backdrop of the story we are so familiar with.

Mayhew’s illustrations are earthy and textural, various woodcut effects and colourful swirling  strokes all combine into a bold and wonderful picture book to look at.

I believe a follow up to this has not long be released so I’ll be making sure to check that out, as this is really special. Recommended! 

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