Book review – While We Can’t Hug

While We Can’t Hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

Firstly, I hope readers of this review are keeping safe and well amidst the current pandemic situation. 

It was perhaps inevitable that there would be publications that responded to this and I have noticed a couple that have hit the bookshelves recently. So well done to any authors, illustrators and publishers that have been quick off the mark!

‘While We Can’t Hug’ is a follow up to the charming and very successful ‘The Hug’ which I have also reviewed. It focuses on the same two characters, Hedgehog and Tortoise, but this time they are not allowed to hug. Fortunately the term ’social distancing’ is not used!

They demonstrate other ways of showing love across the double page spread pages of the book. This is in contrast to ‘The Hug’ which had 2 stories meeting in the middle.

The style of the book and lovely illustrations are the same as before and it is a very simple and easy read,

This book was obviously created when hugging close family was not permitted and the current situation and rules are changing day by day across all countries.

Let’s hope things continue to edge back to normal, but for now stay safe. I’m sending you my socially distanced best wishes!

You can read my review of the the first book ‘The Hug’ here:

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