Book Review – The Ups and Downs of the Castle Mice

The Ups and Downs of the Castle Mice by Michael Bond and Emily Sutton.

The creator of Paddington has brought another heartwarming tale to us with this, the second in his Castle Mice stories.

It’s a rather old fashioned set up in many ways. A family of mice all dressed up in victorian finery reside in a dolls house, which in turn resides in a stately home/castle. Tourists come from all over to view the castle and it’s highlight, the dolls house.

As the story unfolds a rather dastardly scheme comes into play that the mice need to foil before the owners of the house arrive back from their travels.

The gorgeous illustrations are the crowning glory though and really bring the tale to life. They are filled with detail that kids will love and there’s even a game of spot the mice on one page!

This is quite an old school book which may not be for everyone, but for though who love how children’s stories were back in the day, then this is for you!

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