Book review – How to Light your Dragon

How to Light your Dragon by Didier Lévy and Fred Benaglia⁠

This is a rather silly, yet fun that bears no relation whatsoever to ‘How to Train your Dragon’. The title at least must have been inspired by it though!⁠

Here we have a little boy who has an issue with his dragon. It’s lost his fire and cannot be relit. Worse still, the dragon gets increasingly depressed with every failed attempt to get him restarted. ⁠

This is a very funny story and the humour lies in all the wacky ways the boy tries, such as tickling him, or sticking false flames on the side of his face.⁠

The illustrative style is very childlike. Bold, roughly hand drawn and cartoony, as is the accompanying text.⁠

The whole thing is very nicely put together.

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