Book review – Pandora

Pandora by Shoo Rayner.

A very naughty, or is that just curious girl has been told to never go into the room at the end of the long dark corridor. However, Pandora is really very curious and does the exact opposite.

This is a nice tale from Greek mythology and if you have heard of Pandora’s box but always wondered what actually was inside, then this is your chance to find out!

It’s nice that the story has been depicted in all it’s classical glory and not updated to a modern setting. I like Ancient Greek visual elements and wall coverings that make this story rather unique.

The illustrations are full of comic character and Pandora herself is very expressive. All done in the author’s recognisable style. Oh and there’s a cat companion too for good measure.

Shoo Rayner must be the most prolific children’s author/illustrator there is on social media and I would urge you to check out his amazing youtube channel where he helps people draw and gives honest advice.

While you are at it, pick up this gem of a book!

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