Book Review – Tidy

Tidy by Emily Gravett

Is it possible to be too tidy? Are we obsessed with neatness and everything in it’s proper place? Pete the badger certainly is in this tale of order being taken a step too far. 

It nicely rhymes and skips along very easily. A pleasure to read out loud.

The illustrations are super with fun characters and it makes good use of all those woodland earthy tones to create something very pleasing on the eye.

I always like it when the production or printing of a book has unique element and here there is some nice die cutting on the cover to give a 3D effect of looking through the trees.

If you are a fan of woodland stories with all the usual animals then this book is for you. It’s also a cautionary tale to remind us that our beautiful countryside is a precious gift and not to be destroyed. Recommended.

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