Book review – Waiting for Wolf

Waiting for Wolf – Sandra Dieckmann.

Essentially a story about coping with death, this story captures a beautiful friendship between fox and wolf, until, sadly one day wolf is no longer around. Fox eventually sees the joy in his memories in what is a very positive, though still emotional ending.

It is of course heart wrenching, but the stylish and wonderfully tonal illustrations, do well to make you see the joy and beauty there still is in the gloriously depicted landscape. 

There is a place for stories about death and I can wholly recommend this book if a child has recently lost a family member or beloved pet.

Let me set you a challenge – See if you can get to the last page with both eyes still dry.

For anybody looking for further books in this field, I would point you towards’ The Immortal Jellyfish’ which I have reviewed here. And let’s not forget ‘Goodbye Mog’.

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