Book review – Bunnies on the Bus

Bunnies on the Bus by Philip Ardagh and Ben Mantle⁠

This one is absolutely bonkers and wonderful for it! The more it goes on, the more bonkers it gets. ‘Bunnies on the bus! Bunnies on the bus! No wonder there’s a fuss about the bunnies on the bus!’ You get the idea, oh and yes it all rhymes.⁠

The bunnies on the bus create havoc as they go through town. That is about the gist of the story. There doesn’t need to be any more that that. You just have to enjoy all the silliness!⁠

The illustrations are very bright and colourful, with characters that look like they could be from a Dreamworks animation.⁠

I can see this being a real favourite with kids and there’s lots of opportunities for joining in with the rhymes.⁠

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