Book review – The Last Tree

The Last Tree by Emily Haworth-Booth⁠

From the author of ‘The King Who Banned The Dark’ which I have previously reviewed here, comes this story of ecology and respect for the natural world.⁠

It follows a group of people looking for a new home who find a lovely forest that can provide everything they need.⁠

The illustration style is very distinctive with it’s limited colour palette and sketchy coloured pencil look. It’s nice to see something so hand drawn in a traditional medium. The style also reminded me very much of Raymond Briggs as did the some irony and pathos of the story. ⁠

The themes here will strike a chord with most ecologically minded people I would think. In small numbers the human race is not too bad and can live in harmony with nature, but in large numbers we are enormously destructive.⁠

Is there a glimmer of hope in the end? Well, a glimmer perhaps and for that we must believe that the younger generation can do better than we did.⁠

Worth checking out.⁠

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