Book review – Once Upon a Dragon’s Fire

Once Upon a Dragon’s Fire by Beatrice Blue⁠

This is the second book in an interesting series about mythical creatures and the origin of their special abilities.⁠

In this story two children go in search of the legendary dragon having heard about it’s terrible and scary reputation. Well it is a dragon so what do expect! Except that when they meet the dragon, the two children are surprised by what they discover.⁠

The illustrations are wonderfully magical, colourful and detailed. Every page is a joy and the depiction of the dragon is just lovely.⁠

Stories about dragons are well trodden, but that’s no bad thing as we are always fascinated by them and probably wish they really did exist. We know that they are not always bad. So if you love a good old dragon story with a twist then this is for you!⁠

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