Book review – The Misadventures of Frederick

The Misadventures of Frederick by Ben Manley and Emma Chichester Clark⁠

A rather bored and sheltered Frederick lives in a big well to do house with his mother, when a paper aeroplane flies through his bedroom window. The aeroplane is a folded message from Emily who invites him to play outdoors. Most of the book charts the messages between the two, where fun loving Emily sends invitations to some joyful activity or other, only for Frederick to respond with an excuse due to his accident prone nature and description of what happened last time.⁠

There’s something about Frederick, combined with the illustration style and grand house that reminded me of the character Colin Craven in The Secret Garden. Both are all the better for getting out of the house!⁠

I have to say it’s beautifully written, poetic and very funny to read about Frederick’s previous misadventures. ⁠

The illustrations are of course glorious as one would expect from the highly regarded Emma Chichester Clark. The atmosphere she creates is a real treat. Recommended.⁠

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