Book review – The Little Lost Fox

The Little Lost Fox by Carolina Rabei⁠

This is a delightful story that’s perfect for the younger age range and also serves as a celebration of the great outdoors during those long balmy summer days.⁠

A little girl called Kate, realises her favourite toy fox has gone missing, only to discover that it has been taken by a real fox cub. The fox cub is lost and needs it’s mummy, hence the start of a quest with the help of some woodland friends along the way.⁠

The illustrations have a gorgeous warm, summery quality to them and we are treated to a lovely journey through the outdoor landscape and sunflower meadows. It’s how we would like to remember our own childhoods.⁠

All children have a favourite toy and this story will be easy for them to relate with. Fox characters are also popular and it all makes for a charming ‘innocence of childhood’ story. Really nice.⁠

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