Book review – The Case of the Missing Cake

The Case of the Missing Cake by Eoin Mclaughlin and Marc Boutavant⁠

I really should give this book it’s full title ‘Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake’ as the alphabet part is a key feature of the book. I must say I’ve never seen anything quite like this and it’s extraordinarily good.⁠

The story element of the book is constructed around a bear who tells the reader on the first page that his glorious, chocolatey cake has gone missing. The alphabet part comes into play as cake was to feature as ‘C’ for cake, but since it’s theft, we are taken on a mystery solving journey to discover the culprit cake stealer. ⁠

Of course it still is an alphabet book going from A-Z and a very clever one at that, but the off the wall concept and humour elevate this to another level.⁠

As if all that weren’t enough the illustrations are top notch too and full of character.⁠

This is a really imaginative and brilliant book. Definitely recommended.⁠

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